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What is the Estate Rental Fee?

Please see the Pricing Page


Are there discounts for off-season or weekdays?



How much is the deposit, when is it due, and is it refundable?

The deposit is 50% of the total estate rental fee, due upon booking and non-refundable.


Is a security deposit required?

Yes, a security deposit of $1,000 is required at the time you book, and will be refunded in full after the event if 

there are no damages.


When is payment in full of the rental fee due?

Sixty (60) days in advance.






What is included in the rental price?

Use of the event site - all rentals, food, beverage etc. must be brought in.


Can I hold my ceremony there too?  If so, is there an additional charge and are ceremony chairs included?

Yes, you can hold your ceremony on site.  There may be an additional fee depending on the ceremony location.  

Chairs are not included.


Are Bride & Groom Dressing Suites's Included?

Yes, if the Mountain Top is rented.


How many hours do I get the event space for my actual event when guests are on property?

Seven (7), and all events must start after 3pm.


Do you provide outdoor heat lamps?



Do you provide electrical outlets for bands, DJ's and lighting installations?

No, any and all vendors must be fully equiped for their electrical needs.  Due to horses on property, all generators must be whisper silent.


Are tables, chairs and place settings included?



Can my guests self-park on-property?  Is valet-parking required, and if so, how much?

All guests must be shuttled to and from venue.


Are restrooms included?

All events must rent executive lavoratories.


Do you provide overnight accommodations?  If so, what's the price, how many does it sleep, etc.

No, but the town of Solvang is less than a mile away, with many hotel options to fit every budget.




Can I bring in my own food/caterer?

Yes, and they must be licensed, bonded & insured.


Can I bring in my own wine, beer and hard alcohol?

Yes, you can bring in your own wine, beer and hard alcohol as long as it's served by a licensed catering professional.


Are there kitchen facilities my caterer or I can use?  



Is there an on-site coordinator included with the rental?  If so, what can I expect from them?

Yes, the Estate Coordinator will be onsite overseeing general use of the property.  This person will not be available to assist with personal items or ceremony details.


What time can vendors arrive for set up?

9am the day of the event.  Each additional set up and strike day can start at 12 noon for an additional $1,500 each additional day.


What time does break-down need to end, and all vendors off property?



What time is amplified music curfew?



Are open flame candles allowed?

Yes, upon approval of the Estate Coordinator.


Are there any restrictions on decor that I want to bring in?

In general, no restrictions, but all major installations must be pre-approved by Estate Coordinator.


What kind of security do you include?  If none, am I required to provide my own security?

Security is not included, and you are required to provide at least (3) security professionals per 200 guests.





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