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Tour the Ranch

Grand Entrance

Unparalleled grandeur greets you from the moment you enter the rose-covered gates, and continues as you begin the nearly 1/2 mile Oak tree-lined drive. 

The Park

With its manicured lawn, green mountain backdrop and equestrian backdrop, you sense the peaceful setting that people from around the world come to enjoy. The perfect spot for wedding vows to take place!

Sycamore Lane

Celebrate your love under the majestic canopy of sycamore trees, adorning this enchanting lane, as you begin your journey together. A picturesque setting for the perfect wedding ceremony filled with beauty and charm.

The Barn

A 5,000 square foot barn that you can choose to feel rustic or modern. Beautiful chandeliers, sconces, and natural light, reflect off the open two story ceiling. Beautiful landscape lighting sparkles through the customs glass sliding doors.

Mountain Vista

Stone covered fountain with a historic barn background gives a great location to enjoy conversation with friends. Our brides and grooms have also found this to be a beautiful spot for first look photos and bridesmaids and groomsmen shots.

Bridal Cottage

Logs from a Kentucky cabin built in the 1700’s was trucked across county to make a romantic haven for the bridal party to prepare for the big day.

Groom's Saloon

The groomsmen will be entertained unlike any other venue when they step back in time and see what it was like in an authentic saloon right out of a western town. It’s so much fun, the bridesmaids will join in for a competitive game of table shuffleboard.

Bridal Lounge

A luxurious haven designed to enhance your wedding day experience. Featuring a sophisticated dry bar space and elegant furnishings, our Bridal Lounge offers a serene and glamorous environment for you and your bridal party to prepare and relax. One of its unique features includes the ability to do a reveal walk out directly to our stunning ceremony locations, creating a magical and unforgettable entrance.

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